Here at Studio16 we have knowledge of new and used car preparation in dealerships. We know the time constraints that their valeting staff have placed upon them, we know that their ceramic coatings are engineered for ease of application, some dealers are even still offering paint sealants that were superseded years ago, and we even know how much extra they charge to prepare your paint work for coatings. Factor in the sales person’s commission, the mark-up from the parts department for supplying it and the bonus that is paid to the valeters for applying it and you have one expensive service.

At Studio16 we have no sales people, we buy direct from the manufacturer and we allocate days not hours to preparing and protecting your vehicle.

At Studio16 we have picked the best two ceramic coatings from Ceramitech, Lite XL a ceramic coating designed for people that change their car every couple of years ie PCP or Lease vehicles and the enthusiasts choice Graphene, we’ve had amazing results with this self healing coating. If you like to keep on top of your own car cleaning then this coating is for you. Any wash marks, swirls and light scratches can be removed in seconds using hot water or if we get really lucky in Scotland a hot day. The gloss finish on both coatings is industry leading.

When you consider the quality of our products, the time that we spend on preparation and the fact that our service is cheaper than main dealers, why wouldn’t you bring your new car straight to us.

For more information and to arrange a free consultation with one of our Master Detailers call 01292 264494.

There’s clean, then there’s Studio16.